Behavioral Skills Training

This program addresses the development of process oriented skills beyond the technical requirements for professional success. The workshops within this program cover key areas that include business etiquette, grooming and work life balance. This program is ideal for professionals who have just entered the workforce.

Know more about our Behavioral Skills program.

This program addresses the development of skills that move beyond the dimension of technical knowledge. While technical aptitude is important for the success of professionals within any organisation, people skills are equally important.
Through this program, we focus on the development of people skills and behavioral dimensions for success in any role.

Our soft skills training workshops which are categorized under behavioral skills are conducted at different grades and levels of intensity.

Some of our more basic workshops address the following areas.
  • Corporate etiquette and grooming
  • Campus to corporate
  • Time management

We have also developed workshops of a slightly higher grade these include focus areas like:
  • Customer service
  • Goals setting
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Effective listening

We also offer niche programs that are targeted at the development of specific competencies that include:
  • Creativity
  • Analytical skills
  • Work life balance
  • Accelerated learning.

We specialize in designing custom training workshops that cater to specific challenges faced by leadership teams at all levels.

Our customized programs are designed, developed and delivered based on the highly effective ADDIE model. The workshops are solution focused and include a range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions and more.

Our experience and research lead us to uncover the fact that 85% of the reason that someone gets a job, keeps their job and grows in their job is related to their non-technical skills. With this knowledge, we designed the program to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve their desired results through leveraging their technical skills effectively along with the development of the relevant soft skills.